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We offer workspace immediately
for companies from 2 to 60 people.

We have these spaces available immediately:

On the ground floor we have 2 attractive units available for 4-8 people, to be rented separately or together. The rental price is 660 euros per month per unit.

2 units available!

Surface 40 m2
Persons 4-8
Floor GF

Several units will be delivered on 1 September that can be furnished and rented tailor-made. You have full say in the structure of the units & free m² choice. Price from 580 euros per month, including all extras.

Multiple units available!

Surface up to 420 m2
Persons max 55
Floor GF

Completely renovated for direct occupation. To be arranged to your own taste. Modern “industrial” look, high ceilings, very atmospheric. Incl. all benefits from the NWC Community and well located at the front on the square.

Surface 609 m2
Persons from 50-70
Floor GF

Corner Unit with unobstructed view at the front (square). Very spacious and light. Easy to set up for workspace and meeting room. Price 830 euros per month.

Surface 50 m2
Persons 4-8
Floor 1st

Private location for consultant or coach well suited. The price is 265 euros per month.

Surface 16 m2
Persons 2
Floor 1st

Private location for consultant or coach well suited. The price is 415 euros per month.

Surface 25 m2
Persons 2-4
Floor 1st

Unique place within the Campus; “The Back Office”

3 units that have their own lockable entrance with corridor, with pleasant dimensions for office, meeting and management space! 202 meters in total, very spacious, high ceilings, dimensions that can be set up well. This space is ideal for teams of 20-25 people. Dimensions of the office units are: 25 m², 35 m² and 100 m². Price for entire space is 3,335 euros per month.

What do I get as a Community member?

Affordable coffee

coffee card for
€ 0.85 per coffee

Enjoyable lunch

Every first Tuesday of the month a free community lunch for all renters / members

Lucrative discounts

30% discounts on NWC
event / meeting rooms

Community Spaces

The community spaces and services present in the NWC, including pantries, seats in the community spaces, all NWC sanitary facilities, fiber optic wifi connection, color copiers, coffee machines and company name visible at the entrance of the NWC, plus host function and placement on the NWC website .

Large event rooms available

The building offers in-house space with super competitive rates for its tenants for organizing larger meetings and event activities, from 20 to 300 people and more, including reservation support, catering, audio-visual facilities etc.

Flexible options to add

Other NWC-supported and package facilities and services including postal service, storage space, catering, fixed telephone (VOIP), (re) furnishing of Company Spaces and the like are offered tailor-made

New World Campus is an internationally oriented Impact Economy Hub. Impact is the standard for us and we want to continue to play an important role in this.

Great vibe, great space, great people!

Accessibility and parking

Walk or public transportation

The New World Campus is a 10-minute walk from The Hague City Hall and near the Holland Spoor and Den Haag Central train stations. Tram 17 commutes between these stations and stops practically in front of the door.



The New World Campus is also easily accessible by car (from the A12 exit Bezuidenhout) and there are a total of 50 parking spaces on site, as well as sufficient (paid) parking spaces in the vicinity.