Acceleration meeting room
“I think my acceleration is very good. That’s the key for me.” – Usain Bolt

Inspiration meeting room
“Don’t call it a dream. Call it a plan.” – …

Connection meeting room
“Any idea becomes important when it’s connected to another.” – Umberto Eco

Co-creation meeting room
“If you want to co-create, be ready to change.” – …

Innovation conference room
“Stay hungry, stay foolish.” – Steve Jobs

Serendipity conference room
“Serendipity is not the product of patience, it’s the product of action.” – Audrey Morales

Impact meeting room
“The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.” –
Tony Robbins

Translation conference room
“I want my words to survive translation.” – Kazuo Ishiguro

Conversation meeting room
“A good conversation is all about the ability to listen.” – …

Exploration conference room
“Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.” – Frank Borman

Vision conference room
“Without vision, even the most focussed passion is a battery without a device.” – Ken Auletta